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About us


Establishment of NEL

The company NEL (Neoteric Electronics Labs) was founded in 2009. It started with some search coils with improved stability and more depth. NEL sold these search coils to companies and individuals in Ukraine. This land is located in Eastern Europe. Ukraine means literally: "Borderland / Border Country". Soon NEL also delivered on its border countries: Russia, Belarus, Poland, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania and Moldova.

Nel-Coils has become a household name

The company grew steadily. NEL brought several kinds of searches coils on the market and this way arose NEL-Coils. The company has developed not only search coils for different brands and types of metal detectors, NEL-Coils also came with different type of search coils. Enkele voorbeelden zijn the NEL Sharp, NEL Sharpshooter, NEL Hunter and the NEL Tornado. Nel-Coils prepared further its sales. There were more and more dealers in Russia who were selling these search coils. NEL-Coils went further towards the east, through Russia and NEL-Coils arrived in America. Now they are also on sale in Europe.

Nel-Coils in the Benelux

Very rapidly NEL-Coils able to reach the world, it made a turn, around the world in the eastwards and came in the Benelux.


At the moment that NEL-Coils arrived in Europe, NEL-Coils had recently put on the market the NEL BIG, a search coil with a size of 15" to 17" (38 cm to 45.7 cm) with a weight of 890 grams. This search coil should have an enormous depth. Soon there appeared on the internet many movies with air tests and demonstrations about the depth of this powerful search coil.

About Fortika Company detection systems

Company Fortika detection systems was founded in the same year as NEL, in 2009. The company evolved from a set of coincidences. The company began with the sale of the American brand White's metal detectors and was soon known by the White's Spectra series. Some time later it was time for expansion. Fortika Company detection systems became the official dealer of metal detectors of the American brand Fisher Labs and the C.Scope from the UK.

Fortika Company detection systems wanted to specialize in specific target groups. One of these specializations was ground radar systems and deep seekers. In a short time Fortika Company detection systems was THE place to buy a JeoHunter 3D ground radar system. Fortika Company detection systems was also approached by White's to test the new White's Spectra VX3 metal detector and make a Dutch manual for this metal detector. The White's Spectra series is also one of the specializations of Fortika Company detection systems.

Fortika Company detection systems exclusive importer NEL-Coils

For some time Fortika Company detection systems keeps an eye on the activities and developments of NEL-Coils. When the NEL BIG came on the market, it was time to release the NEL-Coils on our own ground. There was immediately a positive click between these two companies and the first orders were made. Since April 2012 Fortika has become the exclusive importer of all products of NEL-Coils.


Fortika Company detection systems was growing and got more and more sales abroad. Mainly due to the specialization in ground radar systems and the Gold rush there were more and more contacts with customers from all over the world. From Norway to Australia and from USA to Poland. It was time for an international appeal. From that time it has been decided to change the name in Company Fortika detection systems. Also for the Nel-Coils is chosen for an international website www.NEL-Coils.eu.


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